When we pursue avenues of infatuation are we giving in to God’s will for us? Or, are we merely surrendering to our natural impulses?

Written in 2002.

We stayed out long after curfew. Our
Storybook love was cliche’, but we didn’t
Care… we were young and it was summer.

We sat on the rocks when the tide
Came in, and watched as the stars
Danced and played over our heads.

We talked and kept talking even when
There was nothing more to say…
Afraid to leave and afraid to stay.

We had purposely forgotten our
Jackets, using the cold ocean breeze
As an excuse to get closer.

We held hands once I finally reached out
To you, and we kissed when I finally
Leaned over, minutes seeming forever.

We stopped kissing a little later; we stopped
Talking, too. We held each other close and
Watched the tide wash in and back again.

We had heard tales of the beauty of
The shrimp boats coming in at Jekyll Island
But were still amazed when they came.

We saw the lights of the trawlers wink
Knowingly through the mist and knew.
As the boats crept closer…we knew.

We knew that we would never be– could
Never be closer than we were right then.
Anywhere else would not be where we were when

We heard the gentle waves caress the
Shore with quiet determination. We did
Not know why, but in the light of dawn

We could see, that our unspoken
Love was not what we thought it was,
But everything we hoped it would be.

by Jefferson Brian Holbrook

Image by timparkinson via Flickr


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    On April 4, 2011 at 2:54 pm

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