Come on, Spit You Fill Brain!

Wrote a clear wish to share. No more. Long time now not writing about his own activities, is now trying to do.

Either have to start from where I have to say it. I wonder what would be submitted in this blog. Wrote a clear wish to share. No more. Long time now not writing about his own activities, is now trying to do.

Details of activity time and energy, along with the material. That’s common and natural. What about the problems in the face today which is being combined with the activity?

Many problems in life. Well, he’s ordeal. I think there is truth and it is true. Too stupid for yourself if it inspires a problem as high-nan thick hedge, which can not be passed at all. Moreover, consider it impossible. Oh, no!

Me and my blogger friends at this time would have a variety of issues, from the levels and types, and whatever his name. Anyway the problem. Points. How to treat the problem continues to be the case, who were quite prepared to ‘vitamins’, for yourself and those around us.

For students, especially as I am today, coursework, thesis proposal, organized proactive, certainly a problem is quite complicated to divide the time. Well, at least pause for rest time is minimal. Although it is sometimes difficult to divide it, psychologically and physically drained too hard.

In fact, if you can not manage time optimally, then finished our history. Not to mention the bloggers are busy working, with formal rules in the workplace, was ordered here and there to do the job in accordance with the deadline, plus a never-ending problems that undermine the family. Huuh, it feels like to end. But wait!

And worse again (sorry) for a debt bloggers here and there, which makes nyeyak can not sleep with that dilemma in the evening (’tsah).

I suggest not to take reckless action first, because not necessarily going to solve problems will increase the severity of the problem, and worse still spread on other things.

Many ways that we feel the problem can temporarily be muted or neutralized. REMEMBER, ONLY muted. After that find the solution. Calculated damping is surefire trick to put new energy intake with a large capacity to solve problems.

Writing. Well, that’s one way to convey my uneg-uneg, issues affecting daily life, light-weight, high-short, just dibahasakan. Because of the trend, according siempunya this blog, the story that we experience either good or bad events later in the story’s a style perfunctory or serious, will open the gap solution of the problem. Do not believe, please see for yourself!

Ibartkan create Proposal (Sripsi) formulation of the problem (a matter of life) so in need, to dissect the theory required. Theory that would later require the researcher to push yourself to solve the problem. The other is not translated (written) and not just difikir difikir.

So is the problem of life that we face today. To solve it necessary processes will be required. Writing, in my opinion is one of the therapy. By writing is able to ’spew’ brains are filled with dirt-kotoan problem. However seyognyanya dirt can be recycled in order to be useful again. Yuck, Nasty.

For it was not his fault the bloggers in this country trying to regurgitate the contents of the brain to write. By writing whatever it is. I recommend writing as one way to reduce the problems encountered, and REMEMBER to write does not mean that solve all your problems.

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