Advice, Solve Problems Without New Problems

Advice, solve problems without new problems.

solutions to a problem not just open another issue. It will be a never-ending problem. Usually all the problems is the curse busy complaining, and lamented the problem occurred, or even find a “scapegoat.” In fact, only drain your energy and waste of time, in other words, that will bring new problems. Tips on how to solve the problem without any problems, according to Robert H. Schuller in his book, Tough Times Never Last, but tough people:

1. Do not panic. Minor problems, if faced with a panic, could turn into a big one. But I do not mean too indifferent and uncaring. After all you have to know the subject matter. Accept the fact that you are in trouble indeed.

2. Stop Drama Queen. Everyone has problems. Stop complaining there. Sometimes I tell a lot of people do not help, even if not, invite new problems. Dramatize the issue is not a powerful way to improve the situation. It will only be more depressed. Clear your mind and put the problem into a positive outlook.

3. Blur. Forgetting for a moment the issue of activities that entertain, that’s fine. Just do not go in Larita. Problems that are too long to resolve will be increasingly difficult to resolve. In addition to the problem will run free, because the issue would be a thorn in the side, continues to follow the pass unnoticed. If the mind is calm, try to stay silent for a moment to think of a way out.

4. Control your emotions. Naturally, when there are problems you feel upset and emotional. But do not overdo it. Try not to let emotions ruin his clear mind. The most important thing when you’re in the midst of an emotional situation, not make important decisions.

5. Use strategy. Try to establish a strategy for memcahkan problem. Ask for suggestions of others is fine, but do not expect to get help. Prepare a plan to get out of trouble. As a practical strategy to solve the problem are:
1) Identification of the problem. Know your problem. Contoj, who will face the presentation, but the material still not ready. So that’s the point of your problem;
2) Preliminary ideas. What are your initial ideas to address the problem? For example, the initial idea that the problem is that you start making all efforts to collect material;
3) Step. Lengkah step must specify true, for example, in the next two days are the data over the Internet, as well as team sent to look for other sources of data;
4) Applications. Step by step the application here means to apply all the ideas and actions that are planned in advance.

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