Using Charts in Iseanavigator

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Chart information

For the moment, iSeaNavigator can handle charts two kinds of charts. The well-known and widespread BSB (including .KAP-files) is supported, and you can also calibrate your own images. 

The most common chart reference datum is WGS84, but some others also exists, especially in older charts (which are dangerous to use anyway). A lot of GPS receivers have the ability to convert between different chart datum’s. You must ensure that your GPS is set to the chart datum of your chart! 

BSB information 

Some BSB headers contain information about projection and chart datum. Since the format of a .KAP-file isn’t fully documented, iSeaNavigator ignores this information for now and assumes that the projection is Mercator and that the reference system conforms with the one used by your GPS receiver. 

If you are unsure about the chart datum and projection of your BSB-chart, you can try to open the .KAP-file in a normal text editor. If you see the text MERCATOR somewhere in the beginning, your chart is probably drawn with the Mercator projection. If you see WGS84 somewhere, you know that your chart datum is WGS84. 

Using scanned images 

Scan your charts as JPEG or PNG images and use iSeaNavigators wizard to calibrate them. Once scanned, you can share the scanned charts as files with your friends (if you don’t violate any copyright laws in the process). The process is very easy and fast, less than a minute per chart. 

The images must be of charts with the Mercator projection and using the Lat/Lon reference system.

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