The World’s Biggest Cities are in Earthquake Prone Areas

Eight out of 10 cities with the largest populations in the world are dangerously situated on earthquake-prone fault lines.

                   The World’s Biggest Cities Are In Earthquake Prone Areas

8 out of 10 cities with the largest populations worldwide are reported to by lying on earthquake-prone fault lines. This just goes to mean one thing – the world is going to see more grave loss of lives and infrastructures as a result of future earthquakes. Major country economies would be crippled as a result of this natural disaster.

Among some of the biggest cities in the world lying dangerously on earthquake potential lands are:

Jakarta in Indonesia is an extremely densely populated city which lies right in the heart of earthquake-prone fault lines. The place is also prone to other natural disasters like tsunamis.

 Izmir in Turkey, which experienced a pretty major earthquake as recent as in 2005. There was also another major earthquake which happened there in 1999. As a matter of fact, the country Turkey is reported to have moderate earthquakes on a daily basis. Another major city in Turkey that is highly prone to earthquakes is the capital Istanbul. This city is said to lie on the North Anatolian which is one of the most active seismic fault lines on earth. It is a highly dangerous place regarding the occurrence of earthquakes yet this city is home to over 12 million people. The city has no serious planning for earthquakes. And according to scientific predictions the city of Istanbul would be struck by a series of very dangerous earthquakes by the year 2030.

Mexico City in Mexico is another earthquake prone big city. The city is highly populated. In 1985 Mexico City experienced one of its major earthquakes that claimed the lives of about 10,000 people. There have been several other major earthquakes hitting the city throughout the years.

Islamabad in Pakistan had a major earthquake in 2005 measuring a magnitude of 7.6. The end result of this horrible devastation was the loss of thousands of lives and of course serious loss and damages of properties. The city is a densely populated place, and lies on earthquake prone land.

Delhi in India also lies on earthquake prone land. The city is practically overcrowded and an earthquake there would be quite catastrophic.

Manila in the Philippines. Now, the Philippines is a country that finds itself unfortunately located on an active fault. The country is said to experience at least 20 minor earthquakes every day. The city of Manila is a very densely populated one which at the same time lies on active earthquake fault lines. Scientists say that a major earthquake is likely to occur there any time.

Some other major cities lying perilously on earthquake prone fault lines include cities such as Quito in Ecuador, Kathmandu in Nepal, Tokyo, Nagoya and Kobe all in Japan.

The U.S. Geological Survey says that the world should expect to see more major earthquakes in the years to come. “Earthquakes will continue to occur just as they have in the past.”

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