The Floods Also Hit Malaysia

The floods also hit Malaysia.

The floods also hit Malaysia. In fact, almost 14 thousand people have been forced to leave their homes and flee to refugee camps.

Floods triggered by torrential rain is soaking hundreds of homes in the three states of Malaysia, namely Terengganu, Pahang and Kelantan. Currently, about 13,746 people sheltered in evacuation centers. So reported the official Malaysian news agency, Bernama, as reported by AFP on Wednesday (26/12/2012).

According to Bernama, the rain was expected to fall. Current flood conditions worsen. The refugees continue to flock to evacuation centers. A number of major roads in Pahang was ditutuo due to overflowing rivers.

It said Abdullah Mohammed Helmi, director of the department of weather forecasts, rain is likely to back down in Terengganu, Pahang and Johor south in the coming days.

According to Helmi, the rainy season will last until March and the states affected by the floods will likely re-experiencing heavy rains three times.

While it is reported, a 36-year-old woman drowned after he slipped and was dragged into a swollen river in the state of Terengganu on Tuesday, December 25th.

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