The Effects of The Eruption of Mt.eyjafjallajokull

There have been positive and negative responses to this event and in this article you will see how it hit the people and the environment.


The volcanic eruption of Mt.Eyjafjallajokull had major effects on people. Some of the effects were polluted air, broke farmers and a cancellation of flights for the next few weeks. The polluted caused people to wear gas masks in England and other countries in Europe such as Norway and even Sweden. People in Iceland were fully evacuated and safely landed in England. Most of the farmland crops where the ash had spread were now poisonous and useless to the farmers and now they are becoming broke. The cancellation of flights meant that all the foreigners were stuck at the airports and couldn’t arrive or leave.


The eruption of Mt. Eyjafjallajokull had major effects on the environment. Some of the effects were polluted river water, rise of sea levels, polluting crops and weakening the economy. The polluted river water spread throughout Northern Europe and contaminated freshwater and melted ice. The ice around Eyjafjallajokull glacier had been melted by the lava which erupted from the volcano. The ash spread across England and polluted crops, farm animals and major sources of water such as the Kielder Reservoir and the Derwent Reservoir. All the flights to and from England were cancelled so the economy dropped down low. The cost of a Sterling Pound was less than it is now.

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There have been positive and negative responses to this event. Many people from Iceland have been rescued such as schoolchildren and farmers. There were some emergency evacuation centres in North England to prevent anyone from breathing the toxic gas. In Reykjavik the houses are made with metal roofs so it will take more time for the lava to burn the metal than to burn through a hay roof. People could have made barnyard rooves out of metal to prevent the quick burning of hay. Houses should be made from 100% molten rock which is the only thing magma cannot burn through. In Iceland there weren’t any tribal beliefs. The main religion was Christianity. People believed their father (God) would protect them from the volcanoes.

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