Tell Tale Signs of a Sinkhole

Various experts agree that many areas exhibit tell tale signs that a sinkhole could form. While it may be difficult to predict the magnitude of the sinkhole or when exactly it can come up, noting down a few of these sinkhole symptoms can help you be prepared for this phenomenon.

Symptom 1

The doors and windows don’t fit

When a sinkhole is in the making, a house situated on the uneven surface may bend to a side. This causes inconvenience in closing and opening doors/ windows. If you live in a sinkhole prone area, and the doors and windows don’t seem to fit properly, for no apparent reason, probably it is time to get not a carpenter, but a geologist.

Symptom 2

Depression in the yard/ street

If you notice a circular depression either in your yard, your neighbor’s yard or the nearby street, then it could be a sinkhole in the making. You can ask experts to check the region if you notice such phenomena.

Symptom 3

Circular patches around wilting plants

Nature is the best indicator of sinkhole activity. If you notice that your plants are wilting and appear to do so within an unusual circular patch, it could be a sinkhole activity again.

Symptom 4

Sediment in water

If the water supply to your house, appears to have sediment particles in it, then it could be a case of ruptured pipeline. It could also be that the ground water has imbibed within it dissolving rock of the region. You may want to get it checked.

Symptom 5

Appearance of cracks on a building

Another important sign that conveys about sinkhole activity is the formation of large cracks and fissures on external and internal walls. These indicate that the building is on unstable ground and pressure is being exerted from below.

Symptom 6

An actual sinkhole opening up

Finally, this is the most obvious symptom, but one that can be easily ignored. If you suddenly see a hole forming near your house or in your neighborhood, it could be an actual sinkhole coming into existence. Get experts to the site for advice.

Sinkholes are not unusual, but are neither extremely common in occurance. There are also varied thoughts on why they occur. Check if you live in a sinkhole prone area. If you do, seek advice from experts on how to assess your region and threat levels. If the level of threat is high, you could consider evacuating to other regions. Read more on the Guatemala sinkhole and whether it can get bigger.

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  1. Jimmy Shilaho Says...

    On July 18, 2010 at 2:39 am

    Well written but I think I wouldn’t call them symptoms, signs would be better.

  2. Jimmy Shilaho Says...

    On July 18, 2010 at 3:12 am

    A good one, though I wouldn’t call them symptoms, signs sounds better.

  3. Starpisces Says...

    On July 20, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    very good information, I was not awared of this issue at all, learning something from you, thanks.

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