A little guide about how to find cardinal point
with only……a watch!

When we decide to have a brake and take a few days out of the city’s
chaos what about a trip in mountains?
We take all the survival tools as backpack, knife, lighfire, map,
foods and driks and of sure a tent
and we are ready for strat our adventure.
In the middle of oue epic adventure we miss the track and we don’t
know where we are.
However no problem because we put in the backpack the map and the
“No whait, what? Where is the compass? Oh yes, it is near our desk at
What we can do in this situation?
We can scream, hoping that someone hears us or we can just survive.
If we have a watch we can easyly find all the cardinal point that we
need to use with the map.
First of all we have to pointing the hours needle direct to the sun
and the bisector of the angle made by the hours needle and the 12
o’clok showing us the SOUTH. The other cardinal point are a logical
In this way we can re-find the lost track and came back home safely.
This method isn’ t 100% precise but is the best way to orientin our
self without a professional compass.

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