Super Volcano at Yellowstone Rising at Record Rate Since 2004

The super-volcano bubbling underneath the surface at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has been rising faster than at any other time in living history for the the last six years sparking fears that it could blow at any time in the near future.

The catastrophe that would follow a Yellowstone eruption is unfathomable. Two-thirds of the United States would be wiped out with toxic air, flights would be grounded and millions would be forced to flee their homes. Lava would throw-up several miles into the atmosphere dumping plant and animal killing ash on the ground as far away as Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans. In some places this ash could be ten-feet deep even as far away as 1,100 miles from the eruption.

Its force would explode a thousand times more dramatic than the volcanic eruption at St. Helen’s back in 1980. The super-volcano has not erupted since 598,000 B.C. In fact in the last 2.1 million years the cauldron has only since just three eruptions. 

In the last three years, since 2007, the floor of red bubbling lava has risen three inches every year. Records measuring the rise have only been taken since 1923. This is the fastest it has risen since that time.

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