Strange Sea Creatures Recorded in Video

Strange Sea Creatures Recorded In Video.

Marine biologists were astonished after seeing the footage that shows moving creatures such as a liquid or a thin cloth beneath the sea. These recordings were then so popular on the internet.

The underwater drillers are using cameras to record images in a controlled marine remote. This video captures the color of milk and something mysterious shape moving near the oil wells under the sea, about 1524 feet below sea level.
At the end of this video, this misshapen creature suddenly drop. Even the experts from the Association of Marine Biology (Marine Biology Association – MBA) England or the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton knows what this creature really is.

Akuaris chief John Rundle said at Yahoo! News, “It seems like a kind of jellyfish, but we can not conclude.”

There is also the possibility that this creature is a kind of monster from the deep ocean. Others speculated that this could be a whale placenta.

The most common theory among the commentators is that these creatures have a sort of a jellyfish named Deepstaria enigmatica – but the organ and the outside of the body of this creature makes it very unique, even among the jellyfish.

Creatures invertebrates is usually found in the south Atlantic, first discovered in 1967 and could reach a diameter of 60 cm.

In your opinion what is this creature?

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