Solar Flare is Increasing Earthquake Activity

With the increase of the Sun’s solar activity beginning March 6, 2012, the earthquake activity has increased too.

  The news told us that the Sun’s explosions were becoming very active starting March 6, 2012, and because of the strength it may alter communications throughout the next week. It seems like satellites and communication isn’t the onlt thing it’s effecting. In the past couple days the increase of earthquakes on the west coast of the United States has tripled. Normally there are about a dozen earthquakes a day sometimes less. Most of the earthquake activity takes place in California. However in the last 2 days there are over 50 earthquakes going on in Washington, Utah, Nevade, Arizona, California and in Mexico, 25 in Alaska, and one in Alabama.

 In Europe there are over 50 earthquakes going on, 16 of them are in Turkey, Indonesia there are 4 earthquakes two of them are above the 5 magnitude. And in the South Seas near Fiji, there were 2 – 7.1 magnitude earthquakes this morning.

 The thing about an earthquake you’ll never see it coming, it can hit in an instant, last for a few minutes and it stops. The Mayan’s may have been on to something when they ended their calendar on December 21, 2012. This will be the first day of winter, and the time that the sun will complete the turning of it’s axis. But why couldn’t they see anything beyond that point, had everything calmed down as far as the solar activity, that it wasn’t effecting Earth? The only way we’ll know is when it happens, no one has been able to figure it out yet. 

 In the mean time what other activities are about to happen, will earthquakes increase in magnitudes, or even storms or hurricanes will they increase too? The weather around the world has been in a turmoil for the last year, some are having the worst winters in history while others aren’t having one at all. 

 I know people need to be prepared for the worst, with this much increased activity this fast, it looks like things will get worse. I believe “fresh water” is going to be the most important thing people can stock up on. You can survive on small portions of food for days, but ‘water’ will be more valueable than gold if a disaster strikes.  

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