Science: In Our Everyday Life

Changes brought about by the advantages of science.

Science has made our everyday life very comfortable. In the area of  transport we no longer have to depend upon the slow bullock carts or the power of our legs, we have now trains, aeroplanes, ships and cars to take us from one place to another.

Means of communication has vastly improved. Computers have today taken over the function of a letter – writers, secretary, postal department and information disseminator. Communication has also brought about a sea change in the disaster warning system around the world. Communication satellites moving in their orbits above the earth’s atmosphere can forecast many days in advance any cyclone, tidal changes in the sea, or an eruption of a volcano. They can also transmit the distress signal of a ship or an aircraft to the authorities in the time of need.

Agriculture, water resource, energy needs and medicine are no longer dependent upon ancient methods. New development, and new technologies have made growing crops, generating electricity and curing many complex diseases very easy.

To conclude we can say that science is magic genie of today. It can do wonders for us if used carefully. It will, on the contrary, bring destruction and ruin if used in a wrong manner.

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