Tsunami: Nature’s Fury

Tsunami is a Japanese word which means harbour wave. Tsu means “harbour” and nami stands for “wave”.

Tsunamis are large waves that are generated when the seal floor is deformed by seismic activity, vertically displacing the overlying water in the ocean. Throughout recorded history Tsunamis have caused significant damage to coastal communities all over the world. Nature’s calamity creates national calamity. Water is one of the five elements. Water is an elixir of life. It is a natural source. Without water we cannot live. But water in the ocean should be within limited level. If it goes beyond level, the titanic Tsunami will happen.

As the water recedes from the coasts, it devastates. Recently, Tsunami strike happened in the month of December 2004. The disaster is nightmarish. The titanic Tsunami has caused death and destruction of a magnitude. Nearly one lakh people were killed as Tamil Nadu, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Andaman Nicobar Island, Kerala, Pondicheery and Andhra Pradesh bore the burnt if the seismic sea waves triggered by an earth quake that had its epicenter more than 200o km away near the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia.

The havoc and panic began when the sea water inundated parts of Chennai. Huge waves slammed the coast line taking those near the sea shore by complete surprise. In consequence of the terrible Tsunami strike, a large number of people lost their lives. Many colonies were swept away. Many lost their homes and possessions. The giant waves turned into water graves for the fishermen who eke out a living by the sea. Tourists disappeared in the sea.

The Navy and Coast Guard were engaged in the rescue and relief operations. Doctors were flown out to tend to the survivors. Medicines, relief material rations, bedding material, vessels, clothes and food were sent to the affected places. Signaling an all out mobilization of national resources to meet the relief and rehabilitation in Tamil Nadu and other Tsunami hit parts of south India many crores have been allocated.

It is sad to say that the Tsunami has wreaked havoc. Relief Fund had been raised from the public to meet the rehabilitation for the victims. Government geared up relief machinery. Voluntary Agencies came forward to help the victim. The tragedy of the Titanic Tsunami can never be forgot. Despite, it would be better to submit out Prayer for the peace of the deceased.

In order to be aware of Tsunami, a Tsunami Warning System should be established. Seismic stations pin point the earth quakes while sea floor pressure recorders detech Tsunamic even one centimeter high and promptly pass this data over satellite. All this information is combined with extensive computer modeling to fin out which places could be at risk. Open sea tidal gauges would help to detect the generation of the Tsunami.

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