Phenomena Supermoon

Supermoon 2011 is a phenomenon where the moon and the Earth’s closest distance achieved. The phenomenon supermoon or Lunar perigee occurs usually within 18 years.

So on this night, to be exact Saturday March 19, 2011, the moon is at a distance closest to the earth and the earth at supermoon kita.bulan it is 221,567 miles or 356,578 kilometers.

Meanwhile, according to astronomer Institute of Aeronautics and Space commonly called LAPAN, Thomas Djamaluddin said, since this phenomenon can already be witnessed supermoon throughout Indonesia. “Because the moon has been rising since the maghrib, provided the sky is clear,”. Maybe you are interested menyaksinkanya.

But the statement LAPAN, they believe supermoon peak, will occur on Sunday morning. “At 2:10 pm Western Indonesian Time,” he added. But people do not have to stay up to see this phenomenon, after all, at its peak later the Moon was not too big difference.

So for those of you who are interested in watching this langakah natural phenomenon, better prepare the telescope and other purposes that could facilitate mate to perpetuate this phenomenon supermoon 2011. Do not forget to let me not sleepy snacks while waiting for the peak Supermoon.

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