Where Did Dinosaurs Live?

Some questions on Dinosaurs’ existence and where did they live.

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Dinosaur fossils have been found on every continent, even in Antarctica. But since dinosaurs first appeared on Earth, the positions of the continents have changed a great deal.

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Did any dinosaurs live all over the world?

No single type of dinosaur lived everywhere. Some groups of dinosaurs were more common than others. Plateosaurus belonged to a small early group of dinosaurs called the prosauropods and close relatives have been found in the USA, Germany, South America and South Africa.

Where did Tyrannosaurus live?

Tyrannosaurus rex or T-rex as known popularly, is the one dinosaur everyone knows. But there are very few examples of skeletons and most are quite incomplete. They were all found in the USA, mainly in Montana.

Are dinosaurs found in every country?

No, but certainly in very many. Famous finds have been made in what is now USA, South America, Canada, Tanzania, Mongolia, China, Australia and India as well as many European countries.

Were dinosaurs in the Antarctic cold?

The Earth’s climate was much warmer during the dinosaur’s reign. The continent we now call Antarctica was much nearer to the Equator. The dinosaurs would not have seen any ice-caps! Reptiles cannot survive very cold climates.

How could the same dinosaurs live on different continents – did they swim across the ocean?

For many millions of years, they would not have needed to. The continents have been drifting apart slowly ever since they were formed. Today, Brachiosaurus can be found in two continents – Africa and North America. When Brachiosaurus was alive it was still all one continent.

Did dinosaurs have bones?

The largest dinosaurs may have had favorite resting places on edges of forests or beneath cliffs. The smaller dinosaurs could perhaps nestle in more sheltered spots safe from their enemies.

Did dinosaurs always live in one place?

Some herbivorous dinosaurs may have migrated in search of fresh grazing.

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