What Prehistoric People Ate? Maybe Some Lazy Giants!

North American Primitive sliced ​​with knives of stone, large animals, not only mammoths and giant beavers, as previously thought, but also lazy giant terrestrial, the size of rhinos.

What prehistoric people ate?  Maybe some lazy giants!

The discovery was made from a femur of enormous dimensions, slothful belonging to a species which, unlike its relatives present was not arboreal, but land. Animal bone which had belonged to approx.1300 kg weight and lived 13,500 years ago, the territory of present Ohio.

The bone was discovered in 1915 in a peat bog, and was part of the collections of the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland, USA.

Almost a century later, examining it, Brian Redmond, a researcher at the museum, he noticed several scratches on it which have intrigued and sought help from Prof. Haskel Greenfield, University of Manitoba, Canada, for solve the mystery signs.

Examining bone under a microscope, Professor Greenfield was surprised to find that cracks, which presupuseseră specialists, is due to an animal carnivore teeth, were in fact marks a sharp stone tool.

The discovery was unexpected, because not known before that primitive people of the Clovis culture, who lived just south of the current US-Canadian border, using these animals.

Many cuts are concentrated near the joints, suggesting that people tried to dislodge the animal thigh, hip and leg. Other traces show that then separated meat tendons, which were different utilizări.Nu is clear that prehistoric people hunted these animals found dead or dissected specimens. Still missing information (eg exact location where the bone was found) and scientists need more data to determine the precise nature of the relationship between people and lazy giants Clovis culture. There can be 100% sure that no people were eating these animals, although it is likely, given the nature of the cuts that have left marks on bone.

Terrestrial giant sloths, who disappeared last approx. 10,000 years, living on the edge of the tundra and North American boreal forest, feeding on conifers.

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