What Did Dinosaurs Look Like?

Some interesting questions on dinosaurs have been answered here. Have a look.

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When complete skeletons are found, scientists can be fairly sure that they can put the bones together in the right order. But could we guess what you look like just from your skeleton? Come on. Read on to find answers to some more interesting questions on dinosa

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How do scientists know how to put dinosaur bones together?

Scientists use their knowledge of other animals to put dinosaur skeletons together. But for a long time after dinosaurs were first discovered, many mistakes were made. Apatosaurus even got the wrong head for nearly 100 years because it was originally found without one! Funny isn’t it?

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What was the smallest dinosaur?

Perhaps the smallest dinosaur was Compsognathus. Fully grown it was only 70cms long and most of this was a long tail.

Were dinosaurs fat or thin?

It is difficult to generalize that if dinosaurs were fat or thin as fossils are usually just the remains of their hard parts – normally bones and teeth. Modern plant eaters such as elephants, hippos and cattle have big stomachs and plant eating dinosaurs were probably just as fat. Smaller, more agile dinosaurs needed to be slimmer to move quickly. Scientists and artists have to use comparisons like this to get an idea of how each dinosaur might have looked. Or if they want to take the easier route, they should try watching ‘The Jurassic Park’ series. :D haha

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What was dinosaur skin like?

A few fossils of dinosaur skin have been found. It was tough, dry, waterproof and made of small rounded scales. Sometimes there is armor plating.

What was the biggest dinosaur?

The largest complete skeleton known is of Brachiosaurus – 12 meters tall, 23 meters long and weighing 70 tonnes. The longest dinosaur known is Diplodocus, whose skeleton was up to 27 meters long. but some new finds from Colorado and New Mexico might be from even bigger dinosaurs. ‘Supersaurus’, ‘Ultrasaurus’, and the largest ‘Seismosaurus’, were truly been similar to Diplodocus but may have been over 36 meters long and weighed up to 130 tonnes! This would have been the biggest animal ever to have lived.

If no one has seen a dinosaur, how can scientists be sure that they get dinosaurs to look right?

We can never be sure what dinosaurs looked like. Scientists still argue about the way many dinosaurs might have appeared. Even well-known dinosaurs like Iguanodon can be made to look quite different when drawn in different poses.

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What color were dinosaurs?

Even fossils of skin cannot tell us what the color was. Modern reptiles, especially the lizards, have a wonderful variety of colors and patterns and dinosaurs, being reptiles, may have been just as colorful. Bright patches of color might have been important for the dinosaurs to recognize each other and to display warning signs. The large plant eating dinosaurs were probably camouflaged. But would we have guessed at the zebra stripes with only bones to study?

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