We are in The Process of Extinction. We Will Go Away 80 Times Faster Than Dinosaurs

Species appear and disappear naturally after long periods of time. But when it comes to a mass extinction, they disappear quickly. Earth has experienced five such lawsuits so far and a recent study shows that we’re in the middle of the 6th century.

Life on Earth are in the middle of the sixth mass extinctions, comparable to that which led to the extinction of dinosaurs.This is the conclusion of a recent study estimated that three quarters of existing species on Earth today will disappear in the next 300 years. “It sounds grim, but the good news is that we are not quite so near the end inevitable,” explained lead researcher, paleobiologul Anthony Barnosky of the University of California, Berkeley.

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Earth has experienced five lawsuits currently before the mass extinction, including that caused by an asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs on Earth’s surface and other creatures, about 65 million years. Scientists warned for years that we’re in the middle of the sixth process of this kind, this time caused by human hand, the species, from frogs to birds and tigers are threatened by climate change, disease, destruction natural habitat and the fight for resources with other species that have migrated from other areas.

How to compare the new with the other five mass extinction?

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Barnosky and his colleagues have asked this question and looked at what happened in the past. First, they calculated the mortality rate among mammals, studying the fossils in the last 65 million years. So they concluded that the rate of extinction is less than two species per million years. But in the last 500 years, this process accelerated, 80, to 5570 species of mammals disappeared . Researchers point out that if we take into account species that are currently endangered, the picture becomes more bleak. “Look out the window and imagine that three quarters of the creatures you see now will not exist the next 334 years and think well if you want to live in that world “ said Barnosky.

Researchers have extended the methods of analysis and amphibians, reptiles, birds, plants, mollusks and other forms of life. They reached the same conclusions: 1-2% of species are already extinct today, and 20-50% are endangered , numbers approaching the mass extinctions that have characterized so far. “Our estimate is that the current mass extinction has a rate of 80 higher than the other five so far, “ said Branosky.

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On the other hand, paleobiologul David Jablonski of the University of Chicago, Illinois, who has not participated in the research warned that there is still a chance that this mass extinction process to be stopped or even slowed, thousands of years. The only solution, in his vision is for people to protect endangered species and their natural habitats.

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