Styracosaurus: Dinosaur with Horns

Amazing type of herbivorous Dinosaurs with horns.

From the Greek world “styrax” meaning “spiked lizard”, the name was derived for an herbivorous dinosaur termed as Styracosaurus. According to the research Styracosaurus type of dinosaur had four to six horns around the skull and cheek area too had traces of small horns. While like rhinoceros it had a big horn on its nose area.

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Many attempts have been made to figure out the use of horns for Styracosaurus, as it was an herbivorous animal and so it is assumed that horns were used to protect it against other fierce creatures millions of years ago. With a heavy body and resemblance like Rhinoceros, Styracosaurus possessed a tail and a beak too. Study of this animal began when the fossils were found in Canada in 1913.

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Styracosaurus were herbivorous in nature and mostly dependant on small trees and plants but they had an immense power to make a big tree fall on the ground with its heavy body and fierce attack of horns. While people are unaware about the name and type of these dinosaurs they have appeared many a time on big and small screens. Movies like “The Song of Kong”, Disney movies and TV cartoons too had shown these creatures with horns combating with heroes.

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While, the evolutionary studies had not revealed details about them at first, later on in 90s discovery of fossils and studies filled the gap to gather more information about these Jurassic period animals who are believed to have originated in Asia Jurassic era and later on in North America.

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