New Discovery – 67 Millon Years Old Snake Fossils Eating Baby Dinosaurs!

The most stunning and amazing discovery by scientist, where they found one of the oldest fossils buried miles below the ground. First time in history that they found fossils of snake eating baby dinosaur.

For 67 million years, the most stunning and once in a lifetime discovery has been revealed. One of the oldest fossils of a snake coiled around the dinosaur egg on its hatchling period. And this is  the first in the history the evidence of snakes eating dinasaurs.

According to Paleontologist Paul Sereno of the University of Chicago, this was the rarest moment in fossil record where the prey and predator are formed together in a fossils.

Geologist Dhanjay Mohabey of Indian Geological Survey, was first discover the fossils in a rocky limestones in northwestern Indian Village of Dholi Dungri, 26 years ago. He though those bones were only those of dinosaur hatchlings. This amazing discovery alarmed other scientist to make the study until they revealed the truth.

In 2001, Paleontologist Jeff Wilson of University of Michigan took a second look at the said fossils together with the team recognized that they found not only the hatchling egg of a dinosaur but a snake coiled around the broken egg together with the two hatchling egg nearby.

The snake fossils is measures about 11.5 feet long. Together with the hatchlings dinosaurs, they are part of a titanosaurs group the largest animal ever walk on land, with the measure of 100 feet long when they are in adult stage. The measurement of this hatchling dinaosaur, measured about a 1 foot and a half long.

To visualise the situation and make clear of it, the image above shows the positions of snake and the hatchling eggs. 

According to Jeff Wilson, for their findings about the origin of the snakes, the reptiles was first appear in the fossils record around 98 million years ago. But finding such complete form of snake fossils is very rare, with only half dozen of specimen are will preserved from this period.

Source: Wired Science

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