Giant Predatory Reptiles

Researchers discovered the possibility that the prehistoric river inhabited by giant predatory reptiles. Meanwhile, in the land inhabited by dinosaurs.

Reporting from Live Science, Saturday (12/22/2012), they studied an extinct carnivore called mosasaurs. Extinct animals is generally illustrated as a giant sea lizard.

Fossils excavated from mosasaurs, in an open-pit mine in the hills Bakony, the western region of Hungary. They found some 84 million-year-old specimens, from animals aged teens to adult animals aged up to six feet in length. The form of these extinct animals like lizards with a flat skull and tail are different when compared to other mosasaurs.

The fossils were found in an area that was once a time of great rivers. The river contains fish, amphibians, turtles, crocodiles, lizards, pterosaurs, dinosaurs and birds.

The new species of mosasaurs dibari inexpectatus Pannoniasaurus name. The word “Pannonia” refers to Hungarian territory where the fossil discovery. While “saurus” meaning lizard and “inexpectatus” refers to ketidaterdugaan discovery.

“Pannoniasaurus size making it the largest predators in the waters of the past,” said paleontologist at the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Laszlo Maka

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