Animals of the Ice Age

Animals who lived in Ice Age and became extinct.

Ice age animals and their life are now shown in different forms through animated movies and documentaries. The proof of their existence has been found through different views and discovery of fossils over period of time. Here are few interesting animals that got extinct from the earth after Ice age.

Sabre-Toothed Tiger

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Sabre-toothed cat or tiger are known for their long canines moving down from the mouth around 45 cm long. Compared to the tigers found at present they were stronger in their build resembling bear and also believed to be fierce hunters.

Woolly Rhinoceros

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Woolly rhinoceros are extinct now but were tall and larger in their build compared to what we find now. Their woolen coat was to shield them from the chilling cold and yet there are some disputed in deciding whether they were purely herbivorous or carnivorous in nature.

Cave Lion

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Cave lions were found in the prehistoric period and are subspecies of lion. Cave lions are called cave lions as most of their fossils and remains were found in caves. Not only fossils but carvings of primitive people in caves too show drawings of cave lions explaining their large size.

Woolly Mammoth

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Woolly Mammoth has gone extinct after Ice age and were huge elephants adapted to the cold weather at that time. They were herbivorous in nature with large ears, long tusks and fur like hairs on their body.

Ground Sloth

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Ground sloth of Ice age resembled hamster and use to feed themselves on leaves and grass. Ground sloth’s had very fierce claws but only to protect them.

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