Ancient Aliens and Dinosaurs

Did ancient aliens killed the dinosaurs on earth and did ancient people and dinosaurs live side by side.

Dinosaurs were ancient reptiles which lived on the planet earth million of years ago. The modern science is fully aware that their demise happened 65 million years ago by a giant asteroid which hit earth on the nowadays Yucatan peninsula. Nevertheless there are many evidences which claim that  ancient and prehistoric people knew about their existence. One of them is a stone carving of a stegosaurus which is found on the wall of the temple of Angkor Vat in Cambodia. There are also more paintings found Egypt depicting dinosaurs and men side by side.

In 1930 a solid evidence was unearth by a single archaeologist about men and dinosaurs living together. That was stone plate with a dinosaur and a human footprints situated close to one another. Although that evidence was highly controversial it supported also this theory.

Another curious fact , was about the origin of the asteroid which caused all the dinosaurs to die out. Some scientists speculate that this was not an asteroid but some kind of nuclear weapon which was hurled towards the earth by aliens. A single fact which comes to corroborate this theory is a skeleton of

Tyrannosaurus rex, Palais de la Découverte, Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tyrannosaurus Rex which was highly radioactive. That is very indicative that dinosaurs may have been the product of alien scientists which have destroyed them afterwards. The second fact which is very peculiar is that the Mayan civilization developed on the very spot of the collision with the asteroid. Many Mayan paintings and stone carvings were also found depicting dinosaur like picture and humans all around them. The strongest evidence about the destruction of the dinosaurs comes maybe from the historic epics of Mahabharata. There were many description there about giant lizards being destroyed by the so called wrath of the gods. That gods may well be alien visitors.

There is no doubt that our world would be much more different today if the dinosaurs weren’t gone. that is why we must be grateful to a certain extent to the aliens about wiping out the dinosaurs.

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