Aladar is a Better Leader Than Kron

This is a text response essay on the film “Dinosaurs”.


The cartoon film ‘Dinosaur’ is a movie directed by Eric Leighton and Ralph Zondag. The film is about dinosaurs in the cretaceous period trying to complete the arduous task of crossing the desert into the nesting grounds, where the dinosaurs give birth. Throughout this film, many acts of great leadership are shown. The main leaders are Aladar and Krone, two iguanodons with their own unique leadership style. The question of whether Aladar leads better than Krone will be answered in this essay by looking at a few important qualities that every great leader needs, strength, experience and determination. Both dinosaurs have their own strengths and weaknesses but Aladar is definitely the better leader.

Strength is one of the most important qualities that all leaders should have. Throughout the film, both Krone and Aladar display great strength, mentally and physically. With physical strength, the leader can defend the herd from predators like the ravenous carnotaurus, and other vicious carnivores. Both Aladar and Krone show great amounts of strength. Aladar’s tremendous strength is seen when he fights a carnotaurus. Krone also has astounding strength because he was able to flip Aladar over and even beat him in a fight. Using this form of strength can also keep the herd under control. In the film, most of the dinosaurs obey Krone because of his power that makes him so scary. An example of this is when Eema advices Aladar that it is better to keep his head down and not attract attention. Also, when Aladar is about to ask Krone to slow down for the feebler dinosaurs, the elders tell him not to bother because they fear Krone will hurt them. The mental side of strength is also shown in both leaders. Krone is seen using this strength when he makes hard decisions like to keep walking when they find that the water supply had depleted due to the meteor shower shown at the beginning of the film. Aladar displays this strength when a lone carnotaurus comes to the herd and tries to eat them. He used his mental strength by roaring at the lethal predator, risking his life to save the others. This happens at the blocked entrance of the nesting grounds. The difference of their strength is in the way they use it. While Aladar uses his strength for the better of others, Krone uses it for his own benefit. In the film Krone uses his strength to push all the other dinosaurs out of the way to have a drink whereas Aladar uses his to help others like Bruton and Eema to stand up. Because Aladar uses his strength for others instead of using for himself, he is the more considerate and caring leader.

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