On The Cloud

Bioprecipitation, the concept of rain-making bacteria, was proposed by David Sands from Montana State University. Such microbes – called ice nucleators – are found in rain, snow, HP Pavilion dm4-1008tu Battery and hail throughout the world. These bacteria may be part of a constant feedback between terrestrial ecosystems and clouds and may even have evolved the ability to promote rainstorms as a means of dispersal. They may rely on the rainfall to spread to new habitats, much as some plants rely on windblown pollen grainsHP Pavilion dm4-1008tx Battery.

Family C includes:

Genus stratocumulus (Sc): A cloud layer of limited convection usually in the form of irregular patches or rounded masses similar to altocumulus but having larger elements with deeper-gray shading (CL5 for all species except CL4 when formed from free convective mother clouds and CL8 when formed separately from co-existent cumulus). HP G62-b16EA BatteryOpaque stratocumulus associated with a weak frontal or low-pressure distrubance can produce very light intermittent precipitation. This cloud often forms under a precipitating deck of altostratus or high-based nimbostratus associated with a well-developed warm front, slow-moving cold front, HP G62-b16SA Batteryor low-pressure area. This can create the illusion of continuous precipitation of more than very light intensity falling from stratocumulus.

Species stratocumulus stratiformis (Sc str): Sheets or relatively flat patches of stratocumulus. HP G62-b17EO Battery

Species stratocumulus lenticularis (Sc len): Lens-shaped stratocumulus.

Species stratocumulus castellanus (Sc cas): Turreted stratocumulus.

Opacity-based varieties: Translucidus, perlucidus, opacus.

Pattern-based varieties: Duplicatus, undulatus, radiatus, HP G62-b17SA Batterylacunosus.

Precipitation-based supplementary features: Virga, praecipitatio.

Accessory cloud: Mamma.

Mother clouds -genitus: Cumulus or cumulonimbus (CL4), altostratus, nimbostratus; -mutatus: Altocumulus, nimbostratus, HP G62-b18SA Batterystratus.

Genus stratus (St): A uniform layer of non-convective cloud resembling fog but not resting on the ground.

Species stratus nebulosus (St neb): A featureless veil of stratus sometimes producing light drizzle (CL6) HP G62-b19SA Battery.

Species stratus fractus (St fra): A ragged broken up sheet of stratus that often forms in precipitation (CL7) falling from a higher cloud deck. This species may also result from a continuous sheet of stratus becoming broken up by the wind (CL6).

Opacity-based varieties: Translucidus, HP G62-b20SA Batteryopacus.

Pattern-based variety: Undulatus.

Precipitation-based supplementary feature: Praecipitatio.

Accessory clouds: None. HP G62-B20so Battery

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