Natural Disasters are Becoming More Frequent

Droughts and hurricanes will no longer be exceptions. Number of natural disasters in the United States is growing, and with it grows and the amount of funds needed for the rehabilitation of damages.

Droughts and hurricanes will no longer be exceptions. Number of natural disasters in the United States is growing, and with it grows and the amount of funds needed for the rehabilitation of damages. Natural disasters will be more common in other parts of the world.  These are tough times for the United States. The biggest drought that hit the country in the last fifty years has destroyed about 75 percent of the corn and soybean crops, and the final amount of damage will be determined after the harvest in October, writes Deutsche Welle. Despite this, the world’s largest re-insurer Munich Re has prepared a reserve of about 160 million euros. President of board of directors, Torsten Jeworrek has said how Munich Re has never paid such a huge amount for damages in agriculture. And now, according to unpublished research of insurance giant, in whose excerpts Deutsche Welle gained insight, things are not getting better.

The annual number of natural disasters in the world has increased dramatically since 1980. year. This trend is particularly apparent in North America, and he will not hit only citizens and farmers. When you look long term, it will lead to growing economic damages and losses that insurance companies will have to catch up. Series of storms with numerous tornadoes last year, have inflicted damage to U.S. of about 46 billion dollars, of which was secured approximately 25 billion $. Insured amount is more than twice bigger then the record from 2010. year. And the trend continues.  Only in the first six months of year 2012., hurricanes and storms have caused damage of around 8.8 billion dollars, in the U.S. for insurance companies. Of all the damages, which Munich Re has paid around the world in the same period, 85 percent of the compensation of damages were caused by this year’s tornadoes and forest fires in the United States. And after the storm, “Isaac” figures could still rise. Experts of the company Munich Re, have explored weather risks in North America since 1980. year. Their analysis have shown that the number of strong storms in recent years has increased significantly. While in the 80-ies there were about 50 storms, their number in recent years is between 100 and 150. In just first half of this year there were 61 storms, and periods between major droughts, storms and floods are shorter. So in the last 30 years the number of such extreme natural phenomena is almost quintupled.

United States are the world’s “vice champion” in the transmission of greenhouse gases, and if these disasters are consequences of their impact on the climate, they are paying a fairly high price. Only China emits more. This year, in U.S. have been recorded the highest temperatures since the measurements. However, this record will fall. Munich Re also argues that will be more periods of high temperatures and droughts. Extreme droughts have occurred approximately every 50 years in the past in the United States, but for a decade they will happen every few years, according to the Munich Reu. Natural disasters will be also more common in other parts of the world. “If we look at the information about the events that caused significant damage, we can see that the biggest increases are in the number of floods,” said Hoppe. In 80-ies there were about 100 major floods worldwide, and this number has grown to 350. Factor in the frequency of major storms has increased by 2.5. On the other hand, the number of geophysical phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions is stable. And the Germans will have to prepare in the following years to the increasing frequency and increasing intensity of extreme meteorological phenomena. That are results of the leading experts for climate changes.

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