Mother Nature

Inside your room linens and furniture handwoven by local tribes.

You and Mother Nature.

It’s been too long since the two of you connected.

We mean really spent some quality time together. Cracked open a bottle of champagne, posted up next to a volcano, relaxed up in Chile

Welcome to Awasi Lodge, a volcano rimmed sanctuary in one of the world’s most extreme environments, Chile’s Atacama Desert.

This place feels like a summer home of Incan playboy.

You’ll be bedding down in one of eight huts, under a roof supported by tree branches and thatched with straw from the nearby San Pedro River. Rainfall only tops out at around .004 inches annually, so you should be good, rainwater on mattress wise.

Inside your room linens and furniture handwoven by local tribes. And outside a private patio that’s practically begging you to merge into stargazing and showering from your outdoor solarium in ways you never thought possible. Nearby the lodge’s rock bar, made from local rocks.

By day, you’ll have your own personal adventure guide ready, however you want define it. Off-roading around the geyser fields of El Taito, hand feeding flamingos in the salt flats, floating in natural thermal pools, then perhaps a champagne soaked picnic on one of the volcano bases.

Don’t worry, most of them aren’t active.

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