What Has Happened to The Worlds Weather Systems?

We have Volvano’s severe flooding and Hurricane’s of biblical proportions. I give examples of Great Britain’s changed weather systems. Why are the worlds scientists denying our weather has changed?

                        What has happened to the world’s weather systems?

Global warming call is here now. Something very strange and frightening is happening to the worlds weather systems.  We have Volcano’s erupting which is grounding our jet aircraft, which in turn is putting small travel companies out of business.

We have Hurricane’s of never before seen strength. Hurricane’s that are ripping away communities and destroying countries economy’s.  Floods of never before seen ferocity, floods that are killing thousands upon thousands of citizens in Pakistan as I write this article.  The world is experiencing fires in forests that are sweeping away thousands of acres of fertile land.

The Sun our very life giver is having huge solar flares which is interfering with satellite communications.  These examples are what I have observed from the daily news that most people are privy to.  My own small country of Great Britain is undergoing its own weather system changes.

I am in my mid forties and can remember weather having distinct season such as Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Now days 2010, we have had our first frost which settled on my car and my back yard, it was 1 degree Celsius over night the date was August 30th 2010! Now I live in Yorkshire which is considered the start of Northern Britain.  However over nights temperatures are normally 14 degrees Celsius for August.




So what I here you say, well the so what is that’s 13 degrees lower than expected for August and it didn’t even rate one line in world news?  Three years ago I was caught up in the traffic jam of hundreds of people fleeing Sheffield in the floods of 2007! Water outside the office I used to work in,  flooded to eight feet approx 2.5metres! High.  Computers were floating around the streets along with effluent from the flooding sewage drains.

This flood in Yorkshire is small potatoes compared to the floods right now in Pakistan.  However my country is known for tepid slightly damp weather, in fact Britain is famous for having rain and lousy weather.  What Britain is not known for is weather in the extreme.  Frosts in summer, and we have had temps of 23 Celsius in March! 

The seasons are becoming one, there are no positive seasons anymore.  I suggest people in Britain keep sun tan cream and snow shoes in their motor cars now!  In February this year my trusty Ford would not start in fact the doors were frozen solid when I did get in the vehicle the ambient temperature gauge read – 12 Celsius the Diesel engine in my Ford spun over once then died.


 Deep snow in March in Yorkshire.

In the UK we are not ready for these extremes of weather. It is not so much the high temperatures or low temperatures that are frightening British people it is the shifting in seasons the merging of all kinds of weather with a few weeks? May, June, and July were nice months to have holidays in Britain.  Not anymore these months are known for flooding and rainfall.

Why are there not TV programs on Britain’s changed weather? The average Joe in the street knows its happening but the scientists seem oblivious to the facts.  It isn’t just the polar ice caps that are in trouble, the worlds weather has changed.  Flooding is now accepted as normal.  Volcano’s are here to stay another Volcano is expected to erupt in Iceland any day now.

Global warming if that is the cause of this changed weather is clearly here to stay.  Instead of scientists warning of severe weather to come if we don’t change our carbon footprint, why don’t the scientists accept its has happened and advise us what precautions we should take in our new weather World?

Lord Banks

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5 Responses to “What Has Happened to The Worlds Weather Systems?”
  1. Ethics0006 Says...

    On September 2, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    Very amazing changes in weather

  2. carissimi Says...

    On September 2, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    weather is changing.. no doubt.. great share!

  3. papaleng Says...

    On September 4, 2010 at 10:31 am

    My friend, the end time is coming.

  4. Sceptical Thinker Says...

    On September 5, 2010 at 7:56 am

    The weather does indeed seem to be playing up, however I don’t think you can blame scientist for not shouting loud enough, thats down to the media and whatever agenda they decide to follow.
    On top of this predicting the weather is far from a precise art form (I guess we all note when they get it wrong) . As to volcanic activity and earthquakes, Scientist are working hard to find a way of predicting these events, for obvious reasons the fatalities and damage caused by these are something we would all like to avoid.
    Interesting read as usual LB

  5. PR Mace Says...

    On September 11, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Outstanding article and I completely agree with your closing statements.

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