Tornado Essay

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By Jayme Leia

Tornado’s are a  high speed wind rotating in a column connected to the cumulus cloud and the ground.  The Average tornado has a speed of 177 Km/h, around 80 M in diameter, and will will travel several Km.  Some of the more extreme tornadoes can travel speeds of more than 480 km/h, be around 3 km in diameter, and go on for more then 100 Km.  The most deadliest tornado to ever hit Canada is the Regina Cyclone. Followed by Edmonton’s Black Friday.        

They have different scales to measure the intensity of a tornado.  Fujita scale rates a tornado on how much damage it has done.  This scale is rated from F0 a weak tornado with not much damage to a F5 which is the highest it goes and F5 is sever damage.  F0 is wind speeds up to 64-116 km/h, F1 is wind speeds up to 117-180 km/h, F2 is winds speeds up to 181-252 km/h, F3 is wind speeds up to 253-330 km/h, F4 is wind speeds up to 331-417 km-h, and F5 is wind speeds of up to 418 and up.  Another scale which tornados are measured in is the TRRO scale.  This measures the winds and how strong they are.  T0 is a very weak wind while T11 is the highest and most dangerous winds for a tornado. 

There are many types of tornados such as landspout, multiple vortex tornado, gustnado, dust devil, fire whirls, steam devil, and waterspout. A waterspout is  a type of tornado that forms over water and often die when they hit shore.  Dust devils is hot air rising in spinning columns and only happen in fair weather.  Gustnagoes is dust and debris pining around and is located in a storm front.  Fire whirls are a tornado with fire instead of wind and are usually created from wildfires.  A land spout is a tornado without the storm or thunder clouds.  Last is the multiple vortex tornado and is a tornado where more than one visible rotating column can be seen, But there is still one main column.   

The worst Tornado in Canadian history took Place right here in saskatchewan, Regina.  It was named the regina cyclone.  This tornado occurred June 30, 1912 at about 4:30 P.M.  This tornado ripped through Wascana Lake, Victoria Avenue,  and downtown district of regina at wind speeds over  three hundred kilometers an hour some say it reached up to eight hundred kilometers an hour.   The damage it caused was an estimated F4.  It killed 28 people and injured hundreds and left 2,500 people homeless.  The cost of the damage was estimated around $1.2 million Canadian dollars.  It took 10 years to pay off all of the storm debt, but we still stayed in debt till 1958. It took us 46 years to completely recover from the financial damage.   

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