Top 10 Worst Hurricanes in World History

The top 10 Worst Hurricanes to ever be recorded since the 1700’s.

The 1922 Swatow Typhoon

The Swatow Typhoon was first spotted July 27 near the Caroline Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The typhoon moved slowly north as it intensified. On July 31, it entered the South China Sea, crossing over northern Luzon. Late August 2, the typhoon hit the Chinese city of Swatow with the winds blowing at 100mph. The water levels as the storm hit were 12ft above normal and left the land saturated with water many days after. Nearly 50,000 people were taken as the storm swept over Swatow. Ships were blown as far as 2 miles north and many other ships were destroyed. The total death toll was around 60,000 people. This typhoon was one of the deadliest typhoons in the northern Pacific Ocean, but not near the top of our list.

The 1882 Bombay Cyclone

Although not much is know about this deadly hurricane, we know that the death toll was around 100,000. The hurricane hit near Bombay, India on June 6, 1882.

The 1991 Bangladesh Cyclone

On the night of April 29, 1991, the southern part of Bangladesh, Chittagong, was hit my a powerful Cyclone. The cyclone first started in the Bay of Bengal and moved northwest, slowly increasing its size and strength. The storm was then moved between a high pressure area and began to moved northeastward, toward Bangladesh. The cyclone continued to intensify, as wind speeds reached 160 mph. Chittagong was then hit by a 155mph cyclone, a class 4 hurricane, on April 29, 1991. At least 138,000 people died in the storm, with most of the deaths in the southern part of Bangladesh. Most of the people drowned, including children and the elderly. The storm caused over $1.5 Billion dollars in damage to the surrounding areas. But even this hurricane cannot compare to what comes up next.

The 2008  Nargis Cyclone

On May 2, 2008, the worst natural disaster struck Bruma. In the Bay of Bengal, a storm was brewing. On April 28, meteorologists had classified this tropical storm as a hurricane. During that time, Nirgis had come to a stand-still, about 500 miles off the cost of India. The cyclone began to head north, as meteorologists had determined that Nargis would hit Bangladesh or India. The hurricane then began to move east, and on May 1, Nargis began to greatly intensify. On May 2, records show that the hurricane had wind speeds of nearly 215km/h, nearly 133mph. The cyclone then hit Bruma, and slowly disintegrated as it moved inward. The UN (United Nations) estimated that over 1.5 million people were affected by this storm just in Bruma. Almost 60,000 people were injured and about 78,000 people dead.

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