The Air Around Us

The gases in the atmosphere helps all life of earth to live and grow.

Our lives are dependent on the air around us.  It is called the earth’s atmosphere.  It consists of several layers of gases and they are upheld by gravity.  The first layer from the earth is about ten miles wide into space.  This layer is called the troposphere.  The gases found here in the largest quantities are nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.  The sun is surrounded by hydrogen.  The gases in the troposphere determine the weather and the climate.  Human need oxygen for respiration and plants need carbon dioxide for growth.

Plants use carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to produce food.  This process is called photosynthesis.  They also need nitrogen.  Most fertilizers are made from nitrogen which is used for the growth of plants.  Animals get nitrogen by eating plant proteins. There are many ways nitrogen is returned to the atmosphere.  By burning fossil fuels and vehicle emissions, releases a large amount of nitrogen in the air.  When animals and plants die, bacteria decompose the organic matter, which gives off nitrogen back into the atmosphere.  There is the process of recycling going on all the time between the air and life on earth.

The heat from the sun absorbs water from the earth in the form of water vapor.  This is known as evaporation.  When the water vapor in the clouds becomes heavy, it returns to earth as rain.  This is call condensation.  The rain nourishes the earth for humans, plants and animals to live.  The gases in the atmosphere protect us from the heat of the sun.  Carbon Dioxide absorbs heat from the sun to protect life on earth from the rays of the sun.  Too much heat can kill animals and damage crops.  The development of industrialized countries has led to the increase of carbon dioxide in the air.  This has led to global warming.

The gases in the atmosphere are utilized by all forms of life of earth.  Humans inhale oxygen, plants and animals need nitrogen.  The water vapor in the clouds clean the air when it returns in the form of rain; provide water to sustain life on earth and plants to grow.  The atmosphere also contains ozone molecules.  Ozone absorbs ultra violet radiation from the sun to protect human and animals against skin cancer, and sun burn.

Without the gases in the air, life cannot continue on earth.  Humans, plants and animals need it to live and grow healthy.  Carbon Dioxide and ozone absorb radiation from the sun and protect us against the frigid cold of outer space. 

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