Preparing for Weather Changes

Apply knowledge of weather conditions in making decisions for the day.

Have you experienced being caught in the rain without an umbrella or a raincoat? Perhaps this happens because, when you left home, the sun was shinning and the sky was clear, so you did not expect any rain. Weather changes from time to time. Being caught unprepared for bad weather can have unsatisfactory results. Knowing about the weather can help people make decisions that will be good for them.

Weather affects our daily lives in many ways. For example, the clothes we wear depend on the kind of weather. It the weather is warm we would not wear thick clothing because we would fell hot. It the weather is wet we would need an umbrella or a raincoat to protect us. Even the food we eat is affected by the weather. On cold days, we prefer hot soup to keep us warm. On warm days we prefer ice cream or ice-cold drinks to keep us cool. The weather also affects how we spend our free time. Sunny days are good for outdoor activities like going on a picnic, hiking and swimming. Rainy days are spent on indoor games like chess and scrabble or reading storybooks. Agriculture, transportation and industry are also affected by weather. A long dry weather can affect plant growth while stormy weather can destroy crops. Heavy rains and floods can slow down traffic.

Knowing about weather changes and their effects on our everyday lives are necessary in making decisions every now and then. When weather elements indicate a cold stormy weather, we can decide what kind of clothes to wear to keep us warm. If we know that our place easily gets flooded when it rains, we will have a pair of boots ready for use to protect our feet from cold and dirty floodwaters.

Weather reports are announced over the radio, on television and in the newspapers. These reports help people in making decisions. A typhoon takes several days to develop. When an approaching typhoon is announced, people who are likely to be affected can make the necessary preparations. They can repair roofs and windows, store food and water, and have warm blankets and clothing ready for use. Weather reports help shipping and airline companies decide whether to suspend travel or go on with it. People who are scheduled to travel can postpone their trip until it is safe to travel. In this way, accidents can be prevented. Farmers wait for the rains to plant their crops and they wait for good weather to harvest it. Fishermen will not go out to sea if there is an approaching storm. They know that their lives will be in danger if they do so.

Making decisions related to weather changes is important because this helps us avoid accidents.

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