Mother Nature’s Response to Rick Perry’s Prayers

Texas Governor and GOP hopeful Rick Perry’s prayers for rain in Texas had an unintended consequence.

For those of us on the Gulf Coast, this was a scary weekend. For some in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, Tropical Storm Lee brought devastating rains and some powerful winds, though not the potential hurricane force weather that was predicted. The remnants of Lee are now crawling through the South and towards the Northeast, where they don’t need anymore rain. So, in the face of the damage, it’s hard to see anything comical, yet recently announced GOP Presidential candidate Texas Governor Rick Perry has some explaining to do, in the words of Ricky Ricardo.

Back in April, Governor Perry came forward with a plan to end the drought in Texas. He asked everyone to pray for rain in an official state proclamation. Given that we are now in September, it seems as if Pastor Rick’s solution is not working. This weekend, Tropical Storm Lee seemed to be the answer to those prayers, just as the con man Starbuck in The Rainmaker is saved by fortuitous rainfall.

But not so fast, my friends.  After this weekend, Reverend Rick might be looking for a new solution. You see, the one place in Lee’s path that escaped the worst of the storm was New Orleans. Yes, that party town, that home of jazz, that bead-laden city of excess. And that’s not all. The reason that New Orleans was spared the worst of Lee was because of the hot, dry air over Texas. Somehow, that air was sucked into the middle of Lee and landed on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain. So, while Slidell (slightly east of NO) was on the national news, New Orleans just got wet. My street, that floods in a heavy thunderstorm, was always passable.

Even more “miraculous,” this was the weekend for Southern Decadence, which some call the Gay Mardi Gras. While the weekend was wet, folks were still here having fun and spending money. At the same time, the acceleration of the winds not only kept Texas dry, it enhanced the chances for wildfires.

So, Father Rick’s self-serving, self righteous, hypocritical, and possibly illegal call for prayers seemed to have backfired. While his state remains in a climate similar to Hell, bohemian, avant-garde, multi-cultural, and Democratic New Orleans was just fine.

Now, Ricky, you have some explaining to do.

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