Mayan 2012 March Crazy Weather So Far

I don’t know what the Mayan’s saw, but it seemed to be enough that they didn’t create a new calendar.

 The weather just keeps getting a little more crazy as the months go on. Tornadoes don’t usually start raising their ugly heads until April, however we in the U.S. there have already been over a dozen, and over 30 people have lost their lives. A tornado hit near Dexter, Michigan , destroying homes and businesses, downed several trees and power lines, in some areas, streets were flooded.  In the month of March there have already been nearly 100 significient tornadoes, that have caused millions of dollars in damage. One of which was in Hawaii, a waterspout came ashore and ripped through homes in neighborhoods. The tornado stayed on the ground for about a mile, with 70 mph winds it ripped off roofs and downed trees before disappearing over the hillside. A tornado in Hawaii is very rare, it just goes to show things are changing.

 This is one the warmest Winter’s anyone can remember, hardly any snow in the northern U.S. while other counties are seeing record snow falls.  Here is an example of how crazy this weather can be. The state of Iowa in the US just broke a heat record that was set back in 1946 of 72 degrees. Yesterday’s high was 80 degrees and they believe in the next few days they may even break that record. Residents are being told not to pack up their Winter clothing, because Winter isn’t officially over, there’s still have a chance of another snow fall.

On the other side of the world, Pakistan’s cold weather lasted longer than normal, and since they’ve had very little rain, they are going into a drought. And in Australia they have been having floods for the last 3 months, thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. 

 Earthquakes are getting more frequent and more powerful. Mexico had a 7.6 earthquake on March 20th, and are still getting 4.8 aftershocks. About a dozen people were hurt, but not seriously, and about 100 buildings were severely damaged. The Philippines are having a ‘Red Tide’ effecting all the shellfish. The level of contamination is 500 times higher than average. People eating any of the shellfish ‘will’ get sick, and the possibility of death is high for people with a low immune system.

 Alot of these events sound like the possibility of what the Bible says in the last days. And the Mayan’s were also religious people, were these the signs that were foretold to them. Not only is there extreme weather, but diseases are also on the rise, like Cholera, Typhoid, H5N1 Virus, Measles and a new respiratory virus Doctors haven’t even got a name for yet. And the rise of these diseases have all been in just the last few months, and it seems like it may be getting worse. I’ll be keeping an eye on these events throughout this year, up to December 22, 2012, we’ll see what it was the Mayan’s wrote about.     

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