Losses Caused by Disasters

When a disaster strikes, there is a devastating effect on the social and economic like and on the moral of the people.

Of late, both natural disasters and disasters caused by human activity are changing innumerable lives. We have cut down forests, turning vast stretches of land into deserts. Overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has returned our agricultural farms into barren fields. This has affected our productivity leaving many without any food.

Image by US Army Africa via Flickr

Due to several man-made activities, the pattern of seasons is upset and we do not know when it will rain or when famine will strike us or what suffering the two will bring. Destruction of the environment is leading to accidents whose devastating effect we cannot estimate. The development path we have chosen has been shortsighted. For instance, one of the new world materials, plastic has created innumerable problems for us. To cite one effect, discarded plastic carry bags have been looking the paths of rainwater in cities causing flooding of areas at the slightest rain.    

We can only blame ourselves for several of the tragedies in recent times. Clearly, they are the result of our ignorant and destructive attitude towards trees, forests, lakes and other natural phenomena. We need to mend our ways and learn to live harmoniously with nature.

Image by US Army Africa via Flickr

We may not be able to stop or prevent major natural disasters, but we could always aim to reduce their severity. Similarly, we could try forests a few of them and prepare ourselves to reduce their impact. And, of course, we can certainly attempt to prevent at least the man-made disasters!

Natural disasters and the unseen hand

Almost every natural disaster has a hidden reason behind it. We may blame accidents and natural disasters for our suffering, but usually there is a human hand behind such unfortunate happenings. The happen because of certain activities that are taken in the name of development.

Losses caused by disasters

When a disaster strikes, there is a devastating effect on the social and economic like and on the moral of the people.  Know the impact of a disaster on the society and economy and bow the lives of people are affected by such an event.

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