Hurricanes Can be Discovered Through Seismology

Seismic signals generated by thunderstorms can help seismologists to detect major hurricane formation and intensity anticipate.

Ambient noise (or microseismele) is the background signals that cross the Earth’s surface and are not produced by earthquakes, informs Science Daily.

These surface waves generated by ocean storms are detected even inside the continental crust, far away from source of origin.

Researchers at Northwestern University, USA, showed that Hurricane Andrew in August 1992, with Category 5, can be seen on the seismographic records of seismic station in Massachusetts, although the storm was 1,200 miles away.

Hurricane Andrew is the third most powerful storm which formed in the Atlantic and entered the U.S. in the last hundred years. It was formed on August 16 and dissipated on 28 August 1992.

If one looks similar seismogramele the last dozen years, this methodology can provide new leads for research to corroborate the seismic footprint of hurricanes with information taken from an airplane or satellite.

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