Danger: Tornado


A tornado is made by the clouds when the balmy air is mixed with cool Canadian air. Tornadoes as you know, are extremely destructive, traumatic and deadly. Severe thunderstorms are associated with the tornado, but not all the time.

Tornadoes are nothing to mess with.

When the balmy weather and the cool weather mix in the clouds, the clouds produce a tornado and it makes land fall.

When tornadoes hit the ground, it makes a sound, similar to an on going train. This is because when a tornado hits the ground, the ground vibrates.

A tornado can whip through a town in minutes. And of course it is as dangerous as a hurricane. Tornadoes like hurricanes are equally destructive and very scary. Tornadoes sky high winds can be 115 miles per hour to 350 miles per hour.

Always listen to the radio or watch tv  and listen to the weather forecast. This way, you can plan ahead to take safe action, before the tornado hits.

If you want to evacuate, do so but go far away to a hotel. Tornadoes are known to hit neighboring towns and this is an under statement.

If you choose to ride it out, go to the lowest level of your house. Or go to a storm cellar if you have one. If you live in an apartment, go to the stairwell.

Safety is the most important during a notorious tornado.

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