Danger: Hurricane


Hurricanes are formed in the Ocean or The Gulf Of Mexico when there is Pacific air, colliding with Canadian air. Slowly, the eye of the hurricane makes extremely high waves in the ocean or the gulf. Severe thunderstorms are with the hurricane as the hurricane hits land.

Hurricanes have extremely high winds from 115 miles per hour to 350 miles per hour.

Hurricanes are more dangerous than tornadoes, because while tornadoes whip through a town in minutes, a hurricane is much slower and stays on land for a couple of hours as it slowly moves on.

Hurricanes can obviously be very destructive and can ruin a house in seconds. Flying refrigerators, and other dangerous objects, are associated with the high winds of hurricanes.

Hurricanes can lift you off your feet and it’s highly powerful winds will lift you from the ground and carry you away. Hurricanes are very scary.

Many people seek shelter when a hurricane is present. Other people ride it out, by going to the lowest level of their house, or stairwells or storm cellars. Or they evacuate.

When a hurricane is past, a lot of buildings are torn down, people die and the whole scene looks like a war zone. It is traumatic.

Some hurricanes produce tornadoes when it is balmy and cool at the same time.

The best thing to do during a hurricane, is to seek shelter right or evacuate. Stay safe.

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