Mayan Crazy Weather April 2012

Earthquakes have increased alot around the world, along with droughts and flooding.

 It seems like the weather and natural events are getting a little riled up. You may have heard about the flooding in the Philippines, Eastern Australia, Haiti, and N.W South America. Then there are extreme droughts in Northern Africa, and water shortages in the Maldives Island, because of lack of rain. These events have been going on since the beginning of 2012 and they haven’t let up.

 Now earthquakes have taken the front seat, in the Indian Ocean just west of Malaysia 3 big earthquakes took place on 4-11-2012 they ranged from a 8.1 to a 8.7 magnitude. These big magnitudes have the ability of making threatening Tsunami’s, however since they took place over 300 miles off shore the only effects were very small waves. But it doesn’t seem like the earthquakes are done as of yet, the earthquakes started out this morning with a couple of the 8’s and about 40 smaller ones. As the day is going on another ‘8′ magnitude earthquake hit and the increase of the others is almost “100″ earthquakes, ranging from 5.1’s to 7.6’s. All of these earthquakes are happening within miles of each other in the Indian Ocean. 

 There is also a 7.0 earthquake that hit Michoacan, Mexico, it was a little over a week ago they were hit with two earthquakes near Mexico City. And now in the Gulf of California there are a few earthquakes going on, the strongest one is a 7.1. Japan continues to have earthquakes around the disabled Nuclear plant, the earthquake may be a natural happening, but the effects of the Nuclear plant if something major were to happen to it, it would be a devastating man-made catastrophe. They are still having major trouble with it. But they say they have it under control, I personally don’t believe them. 

 Meteorites have been sighted in 4 of the northern states of the U.S. some people thought it was an airplane on fire falling out of the sky. It was like a fiery ball with a white tail behind it, it looked like an airplane on fire going across the sky.  This isn’t the first one that’s been sighted in the past month, there was a meteor spotted in Europe, and Canada, and one landed in South Carolina US. 

  The Mayans never really predicted anything, they simply saw something in the year of 2012 that changed the earth. And the Bible, says there will be disease, famine, droughts, and other natural disasters that will strike and wipe out populations. Because the world is  so big, people don’t realize how significant it is when there are floods in other countries, or a drought in a country that is known to have them. These pieces of the world are very small in comparison to the whole thing, but these events are increasing and the storms are getting stronger. I see alot more coming as we get further into the year 2012, and a few ‘major’ events are not going to be surprising to me. These are only a few things that have been happening for the first couple weeks of April 2012, we’ll see what’s in store for the rest of it. I’ll be back in a couple weeks to let you know. 

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