Major Earthquake Prone Places in The United States

The top ten earthquake states in the United States!

                        Major Earthquake Prone Places In The United States

The top ten American States that have had the most earthquakes are listed below. Note that the figures represented below are according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) with a data range spanning from 1974 – 2003. The compiled earthquakes are the ones with a magnitude range of 3.5 and above.

The states are as follows:

1.      Alaska is the American state which has experienced the most earthquakes. The state is reported to account for over half of the entire earthquakes the United States experiences. The figure is 57.2% of total earthquakes in the United States. The state of Alaska alone has experienced 12053 earthquakes in this period.

2.      The state of California comes in at second place with the most earthquakes. It experienced 4895 earthquakes – 23.2% of total US earthquakes.

3.      Hawaii – with a total percentage of 7.3% and 1533 the beautiful tourist-attractive state comes in at third.

4.      Nevada is fourth with a total of 3.7% and 778 earthquakes.

5.      Washington – the state of Washington takes the fifth position with a total of 424 earthquakes and a percentage of 2.0%.

6.      Idaho – has experienced a total of 404 earthquakes greater than a magnitude of 3.5 between 1974 to 2003, making it the sixth American State with the most earthquakes.

7.      Wyoming – the state of Wyoming is the seventh American state with the most earthquakes. From 1974 to 2003 the state experienced a total of 217 earthquakes – a total of 1.0% of earthquakes experienced in the United States.

8.      Montana – the State of Montana comes in at eight place having experienced 186 earthquakes – 0.9% of earthquakes in the Unite States.

9.      Utah – is the ninth US state with the most quakes. Utah has experienced precisely 139 quakes – 0.7% of the total percentage.

10.  Oregon – with a total number of 73 quakes and a share of 0.3%, the state of Oregon comes in at number 10.

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