Krakatoa: Volcano That Brought Darkness

He is the volcano responsible for most casualties in the history known. Disaster of apocalyptic proportions caused by Krakatoa led to thousands of deaths, and one explosion produced the loudest sound on earth about which we know. According to relevant reports of the time, sound colossal eruptions since 1883 and was heard 4800 km away from the point of the explosion and felt terrible shock wave including the kingdom of Romania. Force and devastation of the volcano we are today to ask how people would react to the irresistible force of the great volcanic explosion?

Krakatoa: Volcano that brought darkness

   Chronicle of a disaster foretold

Indonesian archipelago composed of over 17,000 islands, is located in the famous center of the Pacific Circle of Fire, inspired name for the largest and active volcanic area of the Earth. Among the thousands of Indonesian islands and islets, most of them stemming from the dynamic volcanic activity, Krakatoa Island stands or Krakatau in Bahasa – Indonesian official language. Wells located in the Strait, the island was discovered in 1611 by Lucas Janszoo Waghenaer, an explorer and cartographer Dutch officer. I ndonezia currently has more than 130 active volcanoes, more than any other country, mostly located along the larger Indonesian islands, Sumatra and Java. The two islands are separated by the Strait wells.

Before the cataclysm of 1883, small islands Krakatoa was actually comprised of three islands: Panjang, Sertung and Krakatoa itself, an island of only 9 km long and 5 km wide. nature of the problem seen since ancient island , remained as documented in an ancient manuscript from the year AD 416

Tell chronicle of Pustaka Raja (Book of Kings): “ The island was shaken and a column of fire rose to Heaven. “ Based on estimates of geologists, then boom has far to the destructive force that would mourning dozens of thousands of families at the end of the nineteenth century.

Another eruption, triggered, it seems, in AD 535, would reach higher proportions than those recorded in 416 – so great that, as geologists David Keys and Ken Wohletz, Volcanic explosion went right at the onset of global climatic change between 535-536. Among others, the explosion in question has resulted in islands near Krakatoa: Panjang, respectively Sertung. Closer to today, between 1680-1681, Krakatau was shaken by powerful eruptions, but have not yet reached the proportions of Antiquity. eruption that changed the world of the late Great eruption of the nineteenth century was to be preceded, if ominous, a series of intense earthquakes were felt to Australia.Earthquakes were triggered on May 20, 1883, some three months before the big bang.

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