A software that turns you Pod into a valuable navigation aid for free!


iSeaNavigator will greatly simplify your navigation and reduce the time you need to spend on navigation. 

Some examples on what iSeaNavigator can do for you:

•  Plot your current position on a chart

•  Plot your track on a chart

•  Plot waypoints and routes on a chart

•  Display navigation information from GPS such as position, distance, course, time and VMG to destination

•  Create waypoints by clicking on the chart

•  Create routes

•  Upload and download waypoints to / from your GPS

•  Upload and download routes to / from your GPS

•  Create waypoints and upload the to your GPS with one click on the chart

•  Delete old waypoints from your GPS with a few clicks instead of using the tedious user interface on your GPS

•  Save tracks to file and display them later

•  Export waypoints and routes to a text file in a nice format. You can create the waypoints at home and bring them to you GPS nicely formatted on a piece of paper.

•  Import waypoints and routes from text files and upload them to your navigator.

•  Backup waypoints to file

•  Backup routes to file

Please check out the software in your app store.

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