Hurricane Andrew

Here is a newspaper article I had to do(grade 8). You can go ahead and use this as an example or fish out the facts from it. ENJOY!

Recipe for disaster

Why is hurricane Andrew the worst natural disaster to happen in U.S. history of the last millennium? Simple, what is needed are consistent winds of one hundred seventy five miles per hour, some storm surge(waves) of about seventeen feet, severe local flooding and destruction. All of this happened on the twenty fourth and then the twenty sixth of August 1992 as a Category 5 over The Bahama’s and Southern Florida then as a Category 3 over Louisiana. This monster has been remembered since due to all of the destruction that it caused. This was due to lack of preparation and because of it people lost their homes, and evan lives.

Hurricane Andrew was not just a small package with a big surprise but it managed to stay at hurricane status and the most interesting ways possible. The storm started as a tropical depression southwest of Africa and gained hurricane strength near Cape Verde. It started gaining power because of the warm waters at the start but as days past, the more ingredients were available for a stronger, and worse storm. On the twenty second of August the tropical depression was renamed hurricane Andrew, that’s when everything stated to worsen.

On the early morning of the twenty fourth of August, the destruction of Andrew in The Bahamas has been done, and the results? Hits the Islands as a Category 4 storm but luckily no deaths. At this time Southern Florida is being wrecked from the wrath of Andrew, the consistent wind speed is one hundred sixty five miles per hour with gusts of an excess of two hundred miles per hour! The storm surge is over 16 feet and debris was everywhere!!! Andrew spiraled over Southern Florida for more than 12 hours. Unfortunately twenty six deaths have been confirmed and its not over yet, Andrew says goodbye to the sunshine state and now its next stop is Louisiana.

August the twenty sixth, Andrew makes its final destination over Louisiana as a Category 3 storm which will then die down back to a tropical depression in 12 hours. The state of Louisiana was spared with no deaths but the state suffered a billion dollars worth of damage. After the storm weakened it still brought severe weather in central and upper areas of the United States such as: several severe tornadoes, heavy rain, hail and once again, strong winds. After causing so much trouble, Andrew was gone and done for but left a scar in U.S. history.

Andrew brought devastating results to the U.S. including: mass destruction, twenty six deaths, twenty six billion and a half dollars of damage on U.S. soil, and emotional breakdowns to the victims of the storm. A girl of the age of twelve years old said:”How can you live with this memory stuck in your head?” Some others who were interviewed said:”Hoped that Andrew would not upset their fruit gardens.” but they were happy to get a day off from work.                                            

(An image of Dade County after hurricane Andrew past through, it was the hardest hit from the storm)

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