What is a Mineral?

What is a Mineral?

Minerals Explained

Minerals are basically rock building blocks that are made of elements and atoms and come in different types. Despite their not being alive, it is possible for minerals to grow and many of them acquire crystal shapes as they grow. Due to the fact there are usually many crystals growing in one particular area it is usually difficult for the crystals to have very big sizes. Crystals grow by two different means; some grow when water evaporation takes place and the minerals are left in the wake while others grow after the cooling of molten rock like lava or magma.

Different Shapes

Each type of mineral contains atoms that are placed in networks called crystal lattice. The atom lattices are the ones that give the minerals their crystal shape. The various mineral shapes are not the only things that set them apart from each other as there are other physical characteristics that one can use to tell the difference. Among the things one can use to differentiate minerals is color as some are darker than others. Some of the common mineral colors are black, gray, white, yellow, blue, pink and red. Other things that can be considered are streak, the breaking apart of the mineral, shininess or luster, texture and hardness. There is a wide range of mineral types available ranging from Macro to Micro minerals.

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