Information about a mineral called Turquoise.

My name is Taj Tassoni. I am a mineral called turquoise. Well educated scientists describe me in six ways which include my color, luster, streak, cleavage, density, and hardness. My color is bluish green, like the color of these letters.

My luster is waxy. My streak is a whitish green line. My density is 2.7. My cleavage is straight and clean, but it is hard to break me because my hardness on Moh’s Hardness scale is 5-6.

Scientists can find me all over the world, but I am mainly seen at the base of mountains in Iran, Sinai Egypt and the southern states in the U.S.

This is where I fit in the rock cycle. I start out as a sedimentary rock and over the years I turn into sediment because of weathering. Finally as a result to lithification I turn back to a sedimentary rock.

If I am left out for a long period of time I eventually create a different sedimentary rock by cementing with another rock. This all happens because of weathering which is the process that breaks rocks down to smaller pieces. Once I am broken up, I am free to join all the other broken up rocks to create on larger one.

The cycle I go through can easily be described in a diagram called “The Rock Cycle”.

There are many mines for me, so I am relatively common.

I am one of the oldest mined rocks, dating back to 3000 BC. Up until now, humans have used me for jewelry, religion, art, trade, medical purposes, mystic arts, and currency. Because my color is so unique, I am worth a lot. Today, I am worth about $10-$50 a karat. Jewelry is the main thing humans recycle me into.

I am formed by the weathering of pre-existing minerals such as copper or aluminum. I am usually found hidden in areas full of copper or aluminum. I am known as a sedimentary rock which means I was formed by two or more sediments cementing together creating me, Turquoise.

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