Mineral Salts

To maintain vital functions in our body properly we need mineral salts.

Mineral salts are important for maintaining vital functions that occurs in our body. Due to lack of mineral salts causes deficiency diseases conditions like less production of RBC.

Mineral salts like Na, Cl, Fe, S, P, K, Mg and Ca and are needed for the body in large amounts. So they are known as macro elements. Cu, Cr, F, I, Mn and Zn are needed in small amounts. So they are called as micro elements.

Na and Cl are needed for maintaining the ion balance in the body and for the functioning of the nerves and muscles. Both these can be obtain from table salts. Fe is essential as it is a component of hemoglobin. Meat and liver are rich with Fe. S is a component n some essential amino acids and from various protein sources we can obtain S for our body. P is used to store energy in our body n the form of ATP.  In milk, eggs and vegetables P can be found. For the correct functioning of heart K is needed. It can be gain by the body through fruits and vegetables. Mg is essential for the functioning of co-enzymes and leafy vegetables are rich with Mg. Ca is responsible for the growth of bone and teeth. Mainly Ca can be seen in milk and eggs.   

Cu s needed for the syntheses of hemoglobin. From meat and fish it can be gained. Cr increases the ability of converting glucose into glycogen and can be seen in cheese and meat. F prevents decaying of teeth and I is responsible for thyroxin production. Drinking water is rich with F and sea based foods are rich with I. Mn and Zn are important as enzyme activators. Mn can be gain though fruits, tea and coffee.  Zn can be gain from sea foods.

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