Learning Geologic Time in The Field

Learning Geology in the Field using Study Journal of Geoscience Education.

 This article written by Thomas, Robert C. is a Study Journal of Geoscience Education and describes a method used to teach the geologic time concept to new geology students. The instructional design of this study journal uses an inquiry-based approach. The resource type of this journal is classified as Pedagogic and contains research results and journal article.

The learning environment of this journal is field based research in Geoscience. The learning provides students with expertise in Geologic Time and used for education lower level college graduation. The Geologic Time in the Field can be learned by Active/Kinesthetic/Experiential learning.

Learning Geology in the Field

In this method Students work in groups to obtain rock and fossil samples that are used to interpret the geologic history of a region. A report will be prepared for each sample found from a location. The report includes the following details about the sample rock types like an igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock.

  • A complete description
  • Where and when it was found
  • Analysis of the sample rock formation processes
  • An explanation of how it formed
  • A geologic history that explains how it fits into the regional history.

This inquiry-based field project method was introduced to outcome the demerits of lecture format teaching of the geologic time scale in introductory geology courses. The lecture format education helps memorization and reproduce of nomenclature and dates but lacks field experiences.

The service-learning component of Learning Geologic Time in the Field provides scope for an inquiry-based field project for understanding the geologic time scale in excess of the historical context received through the lecture and laboratory exercises. The geologic history provides the context and benefits for understanding the nomenclature and dates of the geologic time scale in the field.

A review of course evaluations shows that students gain confidence and sense of responsibility from the project because of the field application of concepts learned from the lecture. The evaluation also suggests that students understands the dates and nomenclature of the geologic time scale in a better way by following this field study than through lab experiments and lecture.

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