Introduction to Crystals and Their Formation

This is a first of a series of articles dealing with the healing power of crystals. This first article will provide an explanation of their structure, how they work and how they were formed.

Crystal are found all over the world and come in a multitude of shapes sizes and colors.  The healing power of crystals have been acknowledged for centuries. I will be writing a series of articles detailing the healing powers and benefits of various crystals. 

For this first article, I will be discussing general information about them, how they are formed and describe their basic structure.  I will be publishing a series of articles that will deal with specific crystals, how to cleanse, activate and maintain them and how to maximize their healing qualities as well as a handy reference table listing ailments and the corresponding crystals that are good for that particular condition.

Crystal Chemistry

Crystals are identified by the mineral content and their structure.  What I mean by structure is the basic alignment of their inner axis.  There are seven crystal systems.  These systems are based on triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, rhomboids, parallelograms and trapeziums.  These shapes are characterized by axis length, the angles between the axes and the number of symmetry centers. 

All crystals are formed using a limited number of minerals that bond differently to create various types.  However, it is the internal lattice or pattern as well as the minerals that formed them that determines it’s type, not its outward shape.

Whatever form crystals grow into, they have an uncanny ability to absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy – especially on the electromagnetic waveband.  It is interesting to know that crystals have been tested using high tech equipment and have shown that they emit much more energy when being held or worn and less energy when they are sitting on a surface such as a table.

The chemistry of the stone has a lot to do with how much it vibrates.  For instance, crystal containing copper have very powerful energy conduits that make them work quickly to heal joint pain and arthritic symptoms such as swelling.  On the other hand, lithium based crystals give optimal benefit to alleviate depression while crystals containing iron are most helpful in boosting energy.

How crystals are formed….

Crystal were formed as the earth cooled.  It was a continual metamorphosis as a result of eons of geological change.  Because they contain a record of Earth’s development spanning millions of years and an indelible imprint of the powerful forces that formed our planet, crystals are considered by many as the DNA.  Many experts have refered to them as Mother Earth’s brain cells.

As the planet’s crust formed due to cooling of it’s molten magma core, deep underground chambers formed much like the cave I described in ‘Sistene Chapel of Crystals’ Found in Mexico which contains the largest crystals ever discovered.

Igneous crystals such as quartz crystals are the most common types and are formed from the fiery gases and minerals that are forced upward from the Earth’s molten core, penetrating the mantle, or crust, the gases meet solid rock that forces them to cool and solidify.  This is usually a slow and gradual process.  Variations of the environmental conditions that these gases and minerals eventually reside in have a lot to do with what types of crystals are formed.

Metamorphic crystals such a Garnets are formed deep in the earth.  It is there that, under intense pressure and heat, the minerals melt and re-form themselves, changing their inner structure.  These types of crystals are the hardest.  Diamonds, which are actually the hardest of crystals, are formed this way.

Sedimentary crystals form because of erosion.  Surface rocks crumble and break down, usually due to mineralized water seeping through and around them.  These types of crystals are very soft and are formed in layers.

The big thing about crystals is to remember that they work in tune with the vibrations and brainwaves that humans naturally produce.  Because of this, it is important that your vibes are in harmony with those of the crystal.

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“Sistene Chapel of Crystals” Found in Mexico

Images via Cobalt

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