Dormant Volcano in an Active Nation

A dormant volcano residing in one of the most active places on Earth.

A volcano, dormant in nature, and bowl-shaped in sight is located between Jakarta and Bandung Hills of Indonesia. In 5 hours time, including traffic from the capital city of Jakarta, you can witness one of the sought-after tourist spots in the world. The natural scenic beauty and the true colors of nature in the suburbs, will capture your mind and soul.

During your journey to the volcano, you will experience the fresh countryside. No sign of crowded brick-and mortar surfaces or black gas cloud emissions. On passing the suburbs, you will enter a meandering forest route. The damp, cold, autumn feel of the jungle will give you a huge relief from the humid climate, generally felt in Jakarta. Halfway through, you will come across Sari Ater, which is a Hot Sulfur Spring caused by the heat emanated from the volcanic ash. Tangkuban Perahu, the volcano, is nearing..

Upon climbing the volcanic hill, the pleasant climate will turn bone-tingling cold. The volcano is V-Shaped and blinded by the clouds during the monsoon season, which restricts our visibility and experience of the vast beauty. You can stand near the rim of the volcano and practically catch the clouds in your hands. When clouds drift away, the volcanic floor is thickened with ash and lava. And even under this chillness, the dormant volcano exhales deeply through its windpipes located in the very middle of its body. Tangkuban Perahu is a must-see, all-time favorite tourist spot of Indonesia.

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